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On-Tap Cataloging of Fine Art Collections: Blockchain and NFC Making it Easy for Art Collectors

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

You start buying and it becomes infectious.

’Decorative’ takes on a whole new meaning as the art, the artist, the story behind the art opens the door to an art world menagerie that changes, challenges your perspectIves, surprises, shocks and captivates.

You start to realize that art being it’s own reward is not confined to the picture on your wall. It is multi-dimensional, draws you in, and envelopes.

In time your collection grows.

You have followed the artists, and seen them grow.

Yet, each time you buy, there is paperwork to handle, to file, framers to frame, insurers to consult.

You realize that with art collecting, managing your collection can be a headache.

The Fine Art Ledger Art Collectors Obama Zanele Muholi Image

That invoice and certificate of authenticity for the piece you bought ten years ago sits yellowing away in some paper file moved three times, or attached to some email, names all lost and forgotten.

And that's if you have the paperwork.

We happened on a gallery not too long ago who told us that for fine art multiples it does not issue certificates of authenticity. The gallery’s ‘reputation‘ suffices.


Parting with your fine art is hard, but there comes a time when the old needs to make way for the new.

Your buyer or auction house will want the paperwork. Then starts the search. Could have sworn it was from that gallery, in that file in that box. Damn, what happened to that box when we moved?

So it is this fine art collecting experience, the joys and the headaches, that brought us, as fine art collectors, to start The Fine Art Ledger.

We wanted an easy and trustworthy way to catalogue, manage, hold and transfer fine art.

Our approach is different.

It starts, and focuses on the physical art work, with the emphasis on keeping the paperwork, the fine art record, tied, and together with the underlying asset, the physical artwork.

But our approach is not to follow the traditional way of inventorying art, through mobile applications or stand-alone desk-top applications which require first going into the app to type in the artwork details and then try link it to the underlying artwork.

No. Not that.

We wanted to start and end with the physical art itself: make it the entry and reference point for the record. Let it store it’s own info.

Keeping the enjoyment, and the focus on the art work. Not the records.

After all, that is the fine art collectors focus.

Who needs the hassle of another, stand-alone software system with another app, requiring you to search for an asset record for a physical asset that sits on your wall, in plain view?

Why not catalog and maintain in the art?

So using blockchain and Near Field Communication, we did exactly that. This is The Fine Art Ledger.

Through our proprietary Fine Art Ledger (FAL) NFC tags, all you need do to catalog your work is to mobile phone tap a FAL NFC tag.

On tap you are taken on your phone to fill in, and submit the details of the work, the artist and the owner. All handled on a simple and quick mobile form.

We review, and once approved, stamp the details of the work into the platform, and you work is cataloged in the ‘My Works’ page of your FAL members account, with a real-time blockchain-stamped certificate of authenticity detailing the artwork, artist, your registered title and provenance all stamped in.

To access your collection catalog, you

don’t need to first go on line to find our application.

All you do is tap your phone near the artwork, sign in and your art information is pushed to your mobile phone.

A continuous and instantly available link between your works of fine art and your art information, all neatly cataloged in your account, and accessed through your art.

Not some stand-alone app or inventory system.

And so when it comes time to sell, or to insure or to borrow against your collection, or even integrate into your wealth management portfolio, your fine art collection is neatly cataloged, just a mobile phone tap away.

And when you do sell, we have built a fine art transfer system on our platform to transfer your artwork or an interest in it simply with the buyer’s email address.

Your buyer gets her own FAL account, with the work now cataloged in her name, and with continuity in art-art information linkage, and a clear, blockchain stamped provenance all available on mobile phone tap.

But it’s not just anyone who can view your art info: set your permissions in your FAL catalog to control who can.

Combining blockchain with NFC, makes The Fine Art Ledger a powerful asset-driven platform.

The Fine Art Ledger is an integrated platform built with improved fine art trust, security, management and access priorities.

For collectors we want it to be an indispensable, comprehensive tool for easily managing and securing fine art, but with the fine art in the center. Not an appendage to complex asset-inventory software.

The Fine Art Ledger Art Collector NFC Blockchain

Isn't that after all to begin with the purpose of having the art? To enjoy and engage.

So take a step to take the hassle out of your fine art management, get your Fine Art Ledger NFC tags and start keeping your fine art information with your fine art.

Once stamped into the blockchain, your art information takes on a real-time, integrated reliability which can not be given by a piece of paper tied to an email or filed in a cabinet.

No matter how impressive a gallery’s credentials may be.



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