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Rethink the fine art experience. 

A new fine art authentication, management, promotion and learning experience for all.

A digital catalog with real-time blockchain** authenticated fine art certificates of authenticity, tracking title and provenance.

All digitally tied to the physical work of art through FAL Art Recognition™ and Mobile Fine Art Experiences.™ 

So that all your fine art information can be managed on your mobile phone through the artwork itself.

And your artwork can promote itself, through content-rich, dynamic Mobile Fine Art Experiences™ served directly to your patrons' mobile phones.

Controlled through your Mobile Phone using FAL Art Recognition™ and Mobile Fine Art Experiences.™

FAL Art Recognition = image recognition + FAL proprietary NFC Tags. 

A two-fold concept. Our combination of ways to identify fine art are designed to ensure both ease and certainty of recognition. Each artwork, physical or digital, registered work on FAL can be recognized with image recognition. Linking the art's digital catalog to each work needs a FAL Mobile Fine Art Experience. Each Experience includes a FAL Proprietary Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag. Tagging your art identifies that work as the specific original artifact tied to the catalog entry and distinguishes between identical multiples. 
FAL_NFC_Tag_Blockchain Art.jpg

FAL Mobile Fine Art Experiences = the content-rich link between the digital catalog entry and the physical art. 

Telling the art's story. Our Mobile Fine Art Experiences allow you to serve videos, images, links, documents, social pages, 'buy-now' buttons and other rich content to your art directly to your patron and visitors' mobile phones. You can easily update, and set privacy permissions for your art's content from the 'My Works' catalog in your FAL Member Account. Easily promote your art by adding content about the art, the artist, your gallery, let your patron's and visitors buy directly from their mobile phones and keep your visitors and patrons up-to-date with your news and promotions, while keeping all your fine art info, including your digitally authenticated, real-time certificate of authenticity, directly with your fine art and accessible with a mobile phone scan.

An integrated system  electronically updating and tracking art provenance each time an artwork is transferred on FAL.

An unbroken chain of title. FAL tracks title in each artwork, so when you sell or transfer a work of art, FAL is designed to follow the art. Its easy transfer feature lets you transfer title on FAL to your buyer or other transferee simply using her email address. Once transferred, the art moves from your digital FAL catalog to your transferee's, who if not already a FAL member, is invited to sign up. In this way, your buyer gets the comfort of an authenticated certificate of authenticity for the work showing its provenance and an unbroken chain of title, plus any content that you may have added to the work, all available to your buyer with a scan of her mobile phone. A great way for artists, galleries or other art spaces to keep in touch with their buyers or for artists to track resale rights.  Since FAL measures title in non-fungible Art Title Tokens (ATT)™, you can share title, by simply transferring the number of ATT that you wish to give to your transferee, and keep the balance. 

A multi-faceted solution for everything Art.


Make the art yours.  FAL's blockchain** powered art authentication lets you easily authenticate the art as yours. FAL works for physical and digital works, originals or multiples. Each work is stamped as the 'authentic original, and FAL authenticates the art  information provided to it in a digital, authenticated certificate of authenticity...Learn more >


Managed through the Art. By digitally connecting the catalog record for an artwork to the art itself, art collectors can keep all of their fine art information with the art, all available with a mobile phone scan of the artwork...Learn more >

Art Galleries & Fairs

Reach your patrons and visitors.  Like never before, and on their own devices, letting you give them the art's inspiration, background and story, your details and news, ideas for other art they may like, options to buy directly on their phones or to get in touch with you...Learn more >


Information a mobile phone pic away.  Let your visitors wander and take your art in their stride with a personal guide to your collections served directly to their mobile phones. FAL Art Recognition and Mobile Fine Art Experiences let you keep them interested and focused on each work with videos and other content telling each work's story. Send, for direct mobile purchase, real-time offers, or promote gift shop items specific to the art they are looking at. Dynamically update each artwork's content as, and when you like through FAL's content manager for each work, and keep your visitors interested and engaged with rich content they can enjoy at their own pace.

Auction Houses

Decentralized provenance and title.  FAL is art blockchain powered**, and its blockchain record** tracks provenance and title. Let your collectors and art-buyers browse art auction exhibits and read real-time authenticated certificates of authenticity directly on their mobile phones. Gauge pre-auction interest with digital analytics, and connect with your visitors with updates and reminders about the auction or other auctions of interest. Digitally expand auction catalogs to allow bidders to use FAL Art Recognition to receive the story behind each artwork listed in your catalogs, and even let bidders bid directly through their mobile phones real-time, whether or not present at auction. 

Hotels & Restaurants

Every hotel room an art exhibition.  Seen an artwork in your hotel room and want to know who it is by? Or even want it for your own home? FAL Art Recognition makes it easy for hotel, restaurant or other art space guests or visitors to get to know the art and inspiration for it, and to buy it directly on their mobile phones. Hotels can exhibit art in each hotel room knowing that their guest can engage and appreciate the art and its story, or even take the art home with them when they check out. Giving artist access like this opens up a whole new dimension to their exposure and adds sophistication to hotel décor. Keep in touch with hotel guests and visitors long after they have left, and market hotel features and specials directly to guests' mobile phones. 

Virtual, Digital & Online

Not limited to the physical.  FAL Art Recognition and Mobile Fine Art Experiences work just as well in online webstores, viewing rooms and in virtual reality spaces. We don't only work with art image recognition and NFC, but also QR-Codes and URL's to generate our Experiences. And we are not limited to physical, real-world art. We blockchain register** digital art,  and make it the authentic original, tracking title and provenance in the same way as we do it for physical art. And you can easily transfer the whole or a percentage of your digital (or physical) art using our easy transfer feature, allowing for fractional ownership. At FAL our NFT's (aka Non-Fungible Tokens) which we call, Art Title Tokens™) represent percentages in the each artwork, easily capable of transfer and keeping the high resolution digital files themselves off the public blockchain**.


FAL works for one and all.  FAL's primary mission is using technology to provide better access to fine art. So if you are an artist, art gallery, art fair, seasoned collector, someone who just has a few works on her walls, if you are just curious about art and want to learn more, or if you just want to find out who painted that painting on the wall in your hotel room, FAL is for you.

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