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The Fine Art Ledger

Welcome to the Fine Art Ledger.


We are a Los Angeles based startup that uses technology to improve access to fine art and fine art information, and to better capture interest in fine art.


The is, in essence, a fine art title register that connects physical and digital works of fine art to their digital catalog records tracking not only the details of the artist and the art, but also registered title and provenance in the works.

By creating the link between the digital catalog record and the physical, real-world art, we are forging the ability to own physical assets digitally, and to store the asset's information digitally with the physical asset itself.

Digitalizing physical art has multiple benefits for not only artists and sellers of art, such as art galleries, dealers and auction houses, but also art collectors, museums and others who buy, sell and hold art assets.

We do not seek to disintermediate existing fine art protagonists. To the contrary: we seek to provide all with the tools to authenticate, own, manage, promote, buy-and-sell and learn about works of art, with the confidence that the art information is available, traceable and reliable, and that buyers and sellers of fine art are identifiable and accountable. 

The Fine Art Ledger was founded by Los Angeles based collector Sam Miller. Sam brings together his long-time art collecting experience and professional involvement, as corporate finance attorney, in the blockchain regulatory space. 

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