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We are a Los Angeles based startup that disrupts the way that Fine Art is titled, owned and bought and sold. We are a collector-facing platform that is driven to enhance the collecting experience. Our mission is to enhance trust in the sale and purchase of Fine Art and to make it more accessible. 


We are building the distributed ledger for Fine Art, providing an authenticated and immutable ledger of registered Fine Art title. At its core, The Fine Art Ledger will provide authenticated evidence of registered title in works of Fine Art and an accessible provenance for each work. Unlike other platforms, we are collector and buyer driven, work solely with Fine Art that has strong secondary market potential, and work to ensure the integrity of our platform with intelligent controls over the submission of works. 

In Beta we will offer easy submission to our blockchain platform, The Fine Art Ledger, of works through your account on this site. If approved, work and title details will be cryptographically stamped into the blockchain, providing recorded title and provenance for your work. Once stamped in, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, authenticated at the date of generation, showing details of the work, title, submitted provenance and the blockchain cryptographic signature unique to that work. 

We are currently in Beta and operating in NEM's test environment*. We will notify our users when the Platform becomes live. 

Fine Art Tokens (FAT)™ are The Fine Art Ledger's utility token. In due course, Collectors and gallery owners, dealers and other art market professionals will be able to earn FAT™ by submitting works to The Fine Art Ledger. 

Our Platform also makes transferring Artworks incredibly easy. Each Artwork submitted to our Platform generates 100 Art Title Tokens (ATT)™ for that Work. Transferring 100 ATT in a Work transfers the entire Work. Less than 100, gives fractional ownership in a Work. Transferring Works is all very simply done using the Transferee's email address.

In addition to collectors, we welcome galleries, dealers and other art market professionals to submit their inventory of works to The Fine Art Ledger. Art market professionals will play an important role in establishing blockchain authenticity in works. Using the Fine Art Ledger's distributed ledger platform to produce Letters of Authenticity, rather than their own in-house, 'centralized' systems, will enable galleries and dealers to give their buyers added comfort in the uniqueness of the original or multiple. Decentralized generation of Certificates of Authenticity will become the basic standard in Fine Art markets, and galleries and dealers will be left behind if they cannot provide this technology to their buyers. The Fine Art Ledger solves this, and provides an easy, actively operational means of generating Fine Art 'standard' Certificates of Authenticity, also showing title and provenance.  As easy as filling out an online form.

The Fine Art Ledger was founded by Los Angeles based collector Sam Miller. Sam brings together his long-time collecting experience and professional involvement, as corporate finance attorney, in the blockchain and token sale regulatory space. For Sam, its about enhancing the collecting experience and using technology to make Fine Art ownership more accessible and affordable. The Fine Art Ledger is built on the NEM platform, and as an MVP is completely front-ended in Wix. 

This is but the beginning of a journey. We look forward to disrupting the Fine Art markets together. If you have any questions or need any info, please drop us a line!


The Fine Art Ledger Team

The Fine Art Ledger, LLC


**The Fine Art Ledger is currently in BETA, operating in a test environment on the NEM blockchain. We will advise Members when The Fine Art Ledger moves to the live blockchain. While in BETA and in the test blockchain environment, data stamped into the blockchain can be reversed or edited by FAL.

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