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The Fine Art Ledger (FAL) sees NFTs differently. For us it is not just about digital, but the real, physical world that we live in. FAL sees a world where NFTs are used to own, manage, authenticate and buy and sell physical assets. FAL is a unique and ground-breaking platform that caters to both physical and digital assets and where we let NFTs live their best lives. 

Pioneers in Asset-Based NFTs

What We Are

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have caught the world's attention but have become synonymous with 'digital' assets, like digital art or music. This is only the beginning. A better, and more sustainable use case for NFTs is as a means of controlling underlying physical assets. Fine Art is perfect for NFTs but one day all material assets will be NFT controlled and FAL is forging that path. We are the start of this. The start of the decentralized, digital ownership economy in underlying, real-world assets.

Who We Are

FAL  was founded by Sam Miller in 2018 to simplify art authentication, cataloging and information storage for art collectors. Sam, an art collector and fine art attorney, instead of using stand-alone art inventory software,  wanted to store each artwork's information with the artwork itself.  


Making the artwork 'readable' and recognizable on a mobile phone, plus authenticating the artwork's blockchain record, was the answer and where FAL was born. It quickly became clear that FAL's ability to recognize, and authenticate art on the devices we use the most, our mobile phones, would have multi-faceted applications not only for art collectors, but also artists, art galleries, art fairs, art museums, art hotels, art restaurants: in fact any art space, or anyone wanting to learn more about art.


Using NFTs, connected to physical and digital assets, to provide mobile art ownership, management, authentication, promotion and sales solutions is FAL's novel and unique way of implementing these solutions and setting the scene for NFT control of real-world assets.  

Where We Are

FAL is headquartered in Venice, Los Angeles and works with teams around the world. Our core strength is our people who develop and deliver amazing product and who help us push the envelope on NFTs and art tech.


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The FAL Difference 

A Two Tier System

The FAL Register + FAL Marketplace. First mint your Art in the Register. This connects the Art to the NFTs and catalogs the Art in your own private FAL digital catalog. Then mint your Register cataloged Art in the Marketplace to publicly list it. The Art's Register and Marketplace NFTs are connected: FAL's unique way of managing real-world Art assets.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Mint in the FAL Marketplace on Ethereum or Polygon. List your NFTs on other marketplaces, including OpenSea.

Share Sale Proceeds

List your NFTs for sale in the FAL Marketplace and add a wallet address to share the proceeds of the NFT sale. Designed for galleries and dealers to directly share proceeds with their artists.


Shareable Resale Rights

Artists can set Resale Rights for their Art, share a percentage of resales with their gallery or other person, and embed their Resale Rights Agreement in the NFT.


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