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FAL is the Fine Art Ledger: An easy to use, yet powerful fine art management and promotion system

Less than the size of a quarter, The Fine Art Ledger's Near Field Communication (NFC) tags pack a lot of punch.

Backed with The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary technology, each FAL NFC tag, as small as it is, holds not only the Blockchain- authenticated record of the artwork, the artist and its title and provenance, but is also a digital beacon through which a gallery, artist or art fair or any other space showing fine art can deliver customized content, capture their patrons' preferences and keep in touch with their patrons and visitors long after they leave.

And with The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary technology, all of this is packed into the FAL NFC tags without the need to ever write the tags themselves.

The power of the Fine Art Ledger NFC tag is reflected in our logo. Three letters, F-A-L, reflecting the simplicity of our platform, placed within a circle, representing the FAL NFC tag, FAL's object-oriented focus and its powerful ability to concentrate and store authenticated fine art information with the fine art itself.

Fixed to the artwork, whether inside the frame, or the stretcher, or compositely made part of the work itself, each FAL NFC Tag is the gateway to the story behind the fine art, and the artist and the beacon to the artist, gallery or art fair's digital world.

By combining NFC and Blockchain technology, we make it easy to manage, catalog and store information about the artwork, with the work.

Unlike traditional fine art management and cataloging applications that separate the cataloging of the fine art from the fine art itself with stand-alone fine art cataloging and management applications, FAL starts with the physical artwork itself, and makes it the point of entry to the catalog, continuously tying the physical work to its catalog entry, and dispensing with the need to first access a stand-alone fine art management application.

In this way, registration of an artwork is simple. Simply mobile phone tap a FAL NFC tag, sign in or up to FAL, and go from there. Each artwork submitted to FAL, once approved, is automatically cataloged in the 'My Works' page of your confidential and private FAL members account, accessible here.

Your FAL members account is easy to manage and is totally free.

So its really easy for artists, galleries, collectors, art fairs, and in fact any space that wants to showcase fine art, whether a restaurant, coffee shop or hotel, to register each work of fine art. All you need to do is tap the tag, and do the rest on your mobile phone.

And once registered, a simple mobile phone tap near the artwork, delivers a FAL Mobile Fine Art Experience™ directly to your mobile phone, giving you authenticated and real-time details of the fine art, the artist, the work's title and provenance.

And it doesn't stop there. Since we can control each tag remotely, we can customize for your gallery or other space, and update the Mobile Fine Art Experience with content, including artist biographies, video about the artist and the art, gallery events and information, and other art you may like, all without the need, ever, to actually write the tag.

And since each FAL NFC Tag acts as a digital beacon, it is a gateway to your online digital presence, with the Mobile Fine Art Experience including links to your website, special offers, direct on-line artwork purchases and the like, turning your fine art space into a digital world.

All Information at your fine art patrons and visitors' fingertips, helping to close the distance between you and them them, and close the sale.

Turning physical art spaces into digital worlds also means that you can get analytics on your patrons and visitors as they visit your physical space and mobile phone tap the art. Working through your art patrons and visitors' devices, opens you to a world of marketing and re-targeting opportunities just from a tap, allowing you to keep in touch with your patrons and visitors even if they spend just a few minutes in your physical fine art space.

And when you do sell, use FAL's proprietary transfer feature in your FAL member's account to transfer the work of fine art to your customer's own confidential FAL member account just using your customer's email address.

Since the authenticated fine art record follows the physical work of fine art, all your customer needs to do is tap the work of fine art as it hangs in her living room to be reminded of you.

And since we can update your customized FAL Mobile Fine Art Experience without ever having to write the NFC tag itself, we can keep updating you info and content, keeping your customer updated with fresh info on-tap.

For more info, check out our up-dated website.

Buy FAL NFC tags; we sell them in packs of five, fifteen or thirty.

Speak to us for a customized quote for FAL Mobile Fine Art Experiences™ for your gallery, studio, art fair, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop or other fine art space.


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