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Fine Art Info at Your Fingertips.

With the Fine Art Ledger, your fine art info is just a mobile phone tap away.


It all starts with a proprietary FAL Near Field Communication (NFC) tag. 


Simply tap the NFC tag with you mobile phone, sign in or up to The Fine Art Ledger on your phone, and submit your artwork's details.


You can fix the FAL NFC tag in side the frame, inside the stretcher, fix it to the wall near the artwork, on label or by itself, or even incorporate the tag into your original artwork.*

It works the same whether you are an artist, art gallery, collector, in fact anyone who is wants to track and catalog their art: once your work is submitted and approved, it is stamped into The Fine Art Ledger, and cataloged in the 'My Works' page of your private FAL account.

To access your artwork in your FAL account, simply sign in, click on your account icon on the top right of the page, then click 'My Account' and then 'My Works' in the index.  


Set permissions on the 'My Works' page of your account for who can view the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for the work on mobile phone tap. The default setting restricts view of the COA to you.


A mobile phone tap near the FAL NFC Tag launches a Mobile Fine Art Experience,™ pushing the Blockchain authenticated real-time COA to your phone, including details of the artist, the artwork, and also  title and provenance information, linking you, as owner, to your works of fine art, and opening you to a fine art experience beyond the canvas.**

Tagging your Art means that it is conveniently cataloged in your Fine Art Ledger Account, provides easy identification for you and your Fine Art Insurers if lost or stolen, and with The Fine Art Ledger real-time Blockchain Certificates of Authenticity on tap, you can easily show lenders and buyers your registered title in the work.

And with The Fine Art Ledger, tapping your Fine Art can also take you to a world of Fine Art updates, news, and specials. Learn more about auctions, sales, the artist, special events, offers and promotions and related works and artists; all through the Fine Art Ledger's Mobile Fine Art Experiences at your fingertips, literally, on tap of your mobile phone.

All you need is:

  • A Mobile Phone (Android or iPhone (7 or up)

  • An App to read the NFC tag (not needed on newer phones)  : Get it Here

  • A Fine Art Ledger Account

  • A Fine Art Ledger NFC Tag

  • A Work of Fine Art to Tag

  • The Fine Art Ledger to Approve Your Work

Get an Account
Sign Up for Free Your Private  Account with The Fine Art Ledger.
Plans & Pricing
Buy FAL NFC Tags in Batches of Five, Fifteen or Thirty.
How It Works:

Step One: Tap Your NFC Tag and Sign Up/In

Step Two: Submit Your Art Work Details

Step Three: The Fine Art Ledger Approves Your Artwork

  • We  Review All Works Submitted And Send You An Email When Approved
  • We Don't Guarantee Title or Authenticity In The Works, But We Try Hard To Get The Details Right! Read Our Disclaimer.

Step Four: Fix NFC Tag & Tap

  • Fix The NFC TAG Inside The Frame 
  • Point Your Mobile Phone And Tap Near The Frame!
  • Click 'View Certificate' In FAL Experience To View Your Certificate of Authenticity
Submitting Works to The Fine Art Ledger

Submitting Works to The Fine Art Ledger

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