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A Few Artists Catching our Attention in 2023

Over the last few years, we have seen some incredible new art forms come to life and artists are impressing more than ever. From multimedia to new twists on old techniques, we can't wait for artists to share their work at art fairs and shows worldwide. With the contemporary market surging again we picked out a few artists who caught our attention. 1. Avery Singer

This New York-born and raised artist grew up in a creative community. Singer experimented with photography, film, and drawing and after completing her studies at Städelschule in Frankfurt started engaging in video making, sculpting, and metal casting. 2. Amoako Boafo

This Ghanaian artist’s luminous portraits make and hold space for joy, subjectivity, and self-determination. Using his fingers to paint, he highlights his subjects’ complexity.

3. Salman Toor

A Pakistani-born American now living and working in New York paints the imagined lives of young men in South Asia. He plays with scenarios and characters in fantasized settings. 4. Mario Ayala

After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2014, this Mexican-born artist now works and lives in LA. In his paintings, Ayala brings together figures and forms drawn from every corner of his experience living on the West Coast. 5. Tschabalala Self

Best known for her depictions of female figures using paint, fabric, and discarded pieces of her previous works, this artist is making waves in mixed media. Her works are unique and explore the intersection of race, gender, and identity.

The art world is spoiled for choice when it comes to incredible artworks and artists, and we can't wait to see more of them coming to light as we go. If you are planning on expanding your collection of art this year, remember that the Fine Art Ledger offers you an easily managed solution for your entire collection. Our platform offers artists a unique and simple way to catalog their collections and have them easily transferred to any buyer. Mint your work through the Fine Art Ledger and offer galleries an interactive experience through our Mobile Fine Art Experiences™. Upload backstories, videos, articles, and even AR to your individual pieces to truly immerse your audience in your work. Click here now to see how The Fine Art Ledger can elevate your art.


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