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Adding new dimensions to your art with tech: FAL's Augmented Reality

The Fine Art Ledger continues to push the envelope in minting NFTs, inventorying, and authenticating art, and we are now stoked to introduce a brand-spanking new, hugely exciting feature to our Mobile Fine Art Experiences™ (MFAX): augmented reality.

MFAX's, as the name suggests, are mobile phone-based experiences that activate on your phone when interacting with an artwork. This can be in an art gallery, art museum, artist's studio, art fair, art museum, art hotel, or art restaurant: in fact anywhere there is art, including your own living room.

Each artwork NFT minted on FAL has its own MFAX. Through FAL's dashboard, each user can add rich content to an MFAX. This could be images, videos, sound clips, buy-now buttons, links, documents, or other content. The MFAX displays this content to anyone interacting with the art, telling the art story, promoting the art, the artist, art gallery, or art fair. In fact, the sky is really the limit as to how you can design your own MFAX for a work minted on FAL.

Each MFAX also includes a real-time Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for the artwork. Each COA is pulled from the on-chain and metadata information for the NFT itself, providing decentralized, blockchain authentication and verification of the art, its ownership and provenance, as well as its NFT details and asset ID's each time it is interacted with.

Now FAL has added augmented reality to each MFAX, enriching the interactive fine art experience.

So, you can easily make your art come to life and provide the type of interactivity that can keep your art buyers and visitors engaged, interested and invested in your art.

Augmented reality, like its sister technology, virtual reality, has been a groundbreaker in manufacturing, design, and marketing. Real-time, 3D overlays in manufacturing are set to disrupt supply chains and improve efficiencies. Being able to view and rotate a pair of sneakers in 3D as you browse an online catalog or in-store is only one application. The uses and potential are beyond exciting.

Now FAL, in collaboration with the augmented reality studio, Hololink, actually lets you incorporate, and embed the augmented reality experience in each MFAX so that you can not only augment the artwork, but also tell the art and artist’s story and enable real-time purchases of the art through each art viewer’s mobile phone.

Imagine a sculpture that suddenly morphs into an opera diva singing an aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute. With a click of a further button in the MFAX you can learn all about the sculpture, the artist through video, sound clips or other rich -content, or even buy the artwork on your phone through the MFAX right then and there.

Ever walked around an art museum not knowing who the artist is, or straining your eyes to read a vinyl label briefly naming the art and the artist, and being totally confused which label applies to that sculpture in the middle of the room?

With FAL’s MFAX’s it is so easy to make that learning experience so much more engaging and interactive. Imagine the delight of a child being led though an art museum when she can make an artwork come alive with their mobile phones. Or let 3D renderings of gift-store products related to the artwork come into view, all available for direct mobile phone purchase.

So, with the brilliance of FAL’s art tech, you can engage and retain your audiences with a simple scan on their phone, no downloads, no additional apps, just a fun new way to interact with the art.

And of course, beyond bringing the art to life, a quick scan of your mobile phone will authenticate the art as the original artifact minted on FAL.

Adding Augmented Reality to your artwork on FAL is super-easy, simply:

1. Go to Hololink AR design studio and sign up for a Hololink account. Entry-level is free;

2. Log-in;

3. Once logged in you will be prompted to create your very first Hololink and with the help of their drag-and-drop functionality you can unleash your creativity;

4. Upload any artwork or choose from their wide selection of 3D elements, audio or video assets in the Hololink library;

5. A chatbot is also readily available to help guide you if you get stuck;

6. Create your AR experience in the Hololink design studio;

7. Publish it and grab the code for your AR design;

8. Sign in to your FAL account. If you don’t have one its oh-so-easy to sign up;

9. Go to an artwork in your FAL My Works account;

10. If you don't have an artwork minted yet, then submit one here. Once FAL approves and mints the artwork it will appear in your My Works catalog;

11. Click on the artwork in your My Works catalog. This takes you to your My Works ‘detail’ page for that artwork;

12. Scroll down to “Add AR Experience”;

13. Click the upload button with the “+” on it;

14. Copy and paste your AR Experience;

15. FAL approves;

16. Scroll up to the top of your My Works detail page for that art work and grab the QR code with your mobile phone: just open your camera and point to the screen to the QR Code;

17. The FAL MFAX opens on your phone: click on the “AR Experience”;

18. Point your phone to the artwork ; and

19. Voila your AR experience comes to life!

You can change the AR experience in the FAL MFAX as many times as you like with no charge. Simply plug in a new Hololink in the Artwork’s My Works detail page.

Check out our brief explainer video:

We look forward to seeing new life being breathed into already awe-inspiring artworks on the FAL platform and immersing ourselves in fantastic new gallery, art fair, art museum, or art studio experiences featuring this state-of-the-art tech.

Send us your AR experiences: all you need to do is simply mail the link to us, and we’ll promote them!

Now ain’t that something awesome!

The Fine Art Ledger Team

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