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Add content to your works of fine art: The Fine Art Ledger's exciting new feature

We are super excited to let you know about our brand-spanking new feature on The Fine Art Ledger (FAL).

As you know, we are all about keeping your fine art information with your fine art. It is part of our mission to simplify the way fine art is managed, by enabling our users to electronically store their fine art information with the physical artwork.

In this way the art itself becomes the 'vault' of information for that work of fine art, with the artwork being further protected with its essential information authenticated in the Blockchain.

Not only does this give collectors and artists a novel and easy way of managing and cataloging their art and the information relating to it; it also allows the work of fine art to tell its own story.

Having information about the art neatly stored with the artwork, means that galleries, art fairs, artists, hotels, restaurants; in fact any one looking to tell the artwork's story can easily let people access that information in a Mobile Fine Art Experience.™

The Fine Art Ledger does it all simply with a scan of a mobile phone. One scan lets you start registering the art on to our platform, catalog it in your private FAL member's account, and, with a simple mobile phone scan, give people the story behind the art.

And now, with our brand new feature, you can easily add videos, images, documents, notes,links to relevant websites, social media posts and other content to your art.

And its oh so super easy to do. Just go to your My Works page in your FAL Member's Account , click on the artwork thumbnail. This takes you to the content page for that work of fine art, where you can easily add content.

So, say goodbye to paper: all those invoices, certificates of authenticity, receipts, valuation or appraisal reports, insurance documents, and the like. Now you can keep them right with your fine art, all available on a mobile phone scan of the artwork itself.

And, all the press and published info about your art is just an upload away, too. Add links to the original gallery postings, videos, YouTube or other links about the work of art, so that you can easily tell the story about the art, the artist, or the artwork to anyone who scans the work of art with a mobile phone.

Easily add 'buy-now' links to purchase the art directly online, or auction bids, so that your patrons, having enjoyed the story behind the art streamed to their mobile phones, can buy or bid on the art with just a few clicks.

And, as before, our Blockchain authenticated Certificates of Authenticity for each art work are available on-tap. You can access the real-time Certificate of Authenticity on your mobile phone as part of the Mobile Fine Art Experience Just scan the artwork with your phone.

The Fine Art Ledger: working consistently to improve the way we access fine art and fine art information and how we better capture fine are interest.

Try this feature out right away. Signing up to The Fine Art Ledger, is quick, easy and free.

For more information or a demonstration, contact a member of The Fine Art Ledger Team today


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