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Materializing Memories: The Fine Art Ledger Visits with Refik Anadol

This past week The Fine Art Ledger had the privilege of visiting with renowned media artist and director, Refik Anadol, in his studio in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Refik's current work is an intricate inter-play between advanced technology, used in the mapping of brain stimuli, and contemporary fine art expression.

Refik uses data, mapped from electronic studies of the activity of the human brain, and through complex algorithms, produces visual representations of the ebbs and flows of brain activity as it resonates through the human mind.

This produces a visually entrancing topography of digital flows and patterns which unfold, in seemingly infinite loops and rich colors, into mesmerizing shapes and forms which have an entrancing fluidity about them.

Through his work, Melting Memories, shown until recently at the Pilevneli Gallery, Istanbul, Refik brings memories into the material world by giving a visual representation of our memories as reflected in pulsating brain waves. Refik calls this an "idea of the materiality of the memories", suggesting the esoteric possibility of actually touching or visually sculpting our memories and bringing them into tangible form.

Besides his public installations, such as his 350 Mission, San Francisco, 'Virtual Depictions' installation, Refik produces limited editions of his works. We had the pleasure of seeing an AP of his 'Melting Memories' Edition at his studio (pictured).

Refik's exceptional work is truly all encapsulating and we strongly recommend catching his new installation at the Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall opening to the public later this year when Refik's work, WDCH Dreams, will be projected on to the concert hall’s exterior.

The Fine Art Ledger will certainly be there!


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