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Keeping your fine art info with your fine art: a closer look

In our last post we introduced FAL's awesome new feature which lets you keep all your fine art info with your fine art.

And we mean that literally. Not just on an app that you need to download, or on a web page that you need to access, divorced from the physical work of art. We mean directly with the physical work of art.

And how do we do that?

We digitally tag each work of art to a discrete Blockchain and database record, which means that the work itself becomes the vault of information. Not a separate spreadsheet or inventory list. So you always know exactly where to find you fine art info.

Be it the original certificate of authenticity you received from the gallery when you bought it, the original invoice, your fine art insurance portfolio, or valuation: its all there right with your physical work of fine art, easily accessible and a simple mobile phone scan away.

But that not all. We started FAL because we are fine art collectors who know what the collecting experience entails and the joys it provides. One thing we loved doing was keeping press clippings or articles about works of fine art in our collection. An article about the work, or a video on the artist discussing the work, all enhancing the work;s exposure and enjoyment. We wanted to bring that experience to the digital world and store it with the physical work of fine art itself.

FAL lets you do all this easily. Never lose a document on the fine art in your collection. All you do is upload it to the 'My Works' page for that work of fine art in your FAL members account. And it will always be there every time you scan the work of fine art with your mobile phone. Its that simple. The same goes for your fine art insurance documents, valuations and the like.

And keeping up-to-date with the artists is no problem either. Simply upload links, video, images, social posts keeping track of your art and its media footprint. And once collected, the content is available for you to enjoy on your mobile phone: all kept, and served right to you with a tap near the artwork.

And this is not only awesome and groundbreaking for fine art collectors. Adding content stored with the work, means that if you are the artist, a gallery or dealer representing the artist or showing her works, or a fine art fair, you can serve all of that content to your patrons, not only the authenticated certificate of authenticity (FAL is Blockchain backed) but the story behind the the work of fine art, each time your patron taps the art work, giving your patrons an intro to the work, conversation piece and the enthusiasm to help close the sale.

And imagine the guests of your hotel or your restaurant patrons getting to know the works of fine art on your walls, making any venue that promotes fine art an interactive experience. And once tapped, you can get to better know your patrons: their analytics and preference, and who knows, even a purchase there and then, directly online through the Mobile Fine Art Experience™ itself.

So, register your art today. Its quick free and easy and see what we have been banging on about!


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