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FAL Launches Art Recognition™: Art Appreciation with a Snap of Your Mobile Phone Camera!

We've been telling you about this for a while, and now it is here!

Now with the Fine Art Ledger, you can identify art and get the story behind the art by taking a picture of the art with your mobile phone!

FAL's image recognition matches the pic with fine art registered on FAL, and tells you the name of the artist and the artwork.

All in a mater of seconds on your mobile phone.

But that's not all...a simple click on the matched image takes you to the FAL Mobile Fine Art Experience™ for the art telling you the story behind the art and the artist in rich content, including its real-time blockchain authenticated certificate of authenticity.

See how FAL's Art recognition web app recognizes this Kadishman acrylic and then pulls the Mobile Fine Art Experience with videos, images and other content.

This is an awesome addition, which combined with our proprietary FAL NFC Tag technology, pin-points the art, telling you what it is and who its by, and giving you the art story.

This creates amazing opportunities, not only for anyone to learn more about art and for artists to authenticate their works and tie their physical work to its FAL art blockchain catalog, but also for art galleries, art fairs and other art promoters who can digitize their art on FAL and let their patrons and visitors learn about the art and the art gallery's business on their own devices that they use the most: their mobile phones.

And for art collectors, its a very easy way of cataloging your art collections. When you want details of your art, whether for sale, borrowing, insurance or other purposes, simply take a pic with your mobile phone, and all your art records are available, at your fingertips!

The Fine Art Ledger is a multi-faceted art technology platform which uses art blockchain, image recognition, Near Field Communication (NFC) and other technology to tie physical art to blockchain based art catalogs, tracking title and provenance.

Essentially incorporating the physical art into the digital, blockchain catalog.

It is an integrated system, that follows the art.

FAL's built in transfer system lets you transfer your art or interest in it using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's), so that it tracks provenance from one transferee to the next. Each transferee gets her own FAL member's account with her own art catalog, always connected to the physical art and available to the transferee on her mobile phone!

Try FAL's Art Recognition today. Click here to get started!

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