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The Fine Art Ledger Partners with Universal Art Gallery Framers

The Fine Art Ledger is excited to announce that it is partnering with Universal Art Gallery, the renowned Venice, Los Angeles fine art framers.

This Lincoln Boulevard family run business has been for a number of years now the go-to-framers for fine artists, galleries and collectors alike. Expertly run by its founders, Lucas Da Silvia and Marcia De Paula, it is well known for its personal service, technical and aesthetic excellence and attention to detail.

Universal will be a great fit for The Fine Art Ledger as we work to connect fine art buyers and fine artists, and enrich the fine art collecting experience. With Limited Digital Editions offered on The Fine Art Ledger's blockchain powered platform, buyers are given the opportunity to connect with the fine artist producing the Limited Digital Edition and then participate in the creative process in seeing the fine artist work with his printers to produce a physical print of the Limited Digital Edition and then with Lucas and his team at Universal Art Gallery to have it expertly framed, just as the buyer wants.

We have worked with Universal for some time now, and have loved their personal attention, attention to detail and just overall great service. We see why Los Angeles Magazine voted them 'the best framer in Los Angeles'. At the Fine Art Ledger, we would expect nothing less


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