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Virtual Galleries: Mobile Fine Art Experience
The Fine Art Ledger

Virtual Galleries: Mobile Fine Art Experience

Effortlessly integrate Mobile Fine Art Experiences™ into your online art galleries, virtual exhibitions, Google Meet or Zoom conferences 

The Fine Art Ledger is not limited to physical spaces.

We add an extra dimension to your online art gallery or store, virtual exhibition or meeting place, Zoom, Google Meet or other video conference.

We insert the story behind the art, the artist, and your business directly into your online or virtual space so that you can give your patrons a fine art experience while keeping them focused and in your space.

A simple scan of a QR Code or link embedded or visible in your product page, a wall of your virtual exhibition, Zoom or Google Meet screen, or an Experience floated  in your VR/AR room gives your patrons an in-depth look into the art and the story behind it.

The Experience is served directly to your patrons’ mobile device, allowing them the flexibility and freedom to wonder through the halls of your virtual exhibition, remain on the product page of your online gallery or keep engaged in the video conference or virtual space, all  while learning more about the art.