In generating each Certificate of Authenticity, FAL relies, and is entitled to rely, solely on the information submitted to it by the submitting Member and is under no obligation to make any inquiries about the Work, its existence or title in the work, including, without limitation, as to the authenticity, genuineness, existence, or attribution of the Work.


In the event that FAL does make any inquiries, it does so solely for its own purposes and in this regard it is entitled to rely on any third party publication, advice or opinion.


Nevertheless, on no basis, and in no circumstances, and whether or not FAL is left as the named issuer on the Certificate of Authenticity, shall FAL, any of its affiliates or their respective representatives be liable or otherwise responsible, and each of FAL, its affiliates and their respective representatives hereby disclaims, and you hereby release each of them from any and all liability or responsibility (whether statutory or otherwise) for, or arising from each and every Certificate of Authenticity and/or any of the information set forth in each and every Certificate of Authenticity, including, without limitation, any claim, allegation or determination that a Work is not what it purports to be or does not conform, in any way, to its description, that it is not a Work by the named artist, that the dimensions, medium or other details of the work are incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, that the work is not an original artifact or the number in the limited edition it purports to be, that the Work does not exist, whether in its professed form or otherwise, or is that it is not owned by, or in the possession or control of the person stated in the Certificate of Authenticity or is subject to the interests of any person.  


Neither  FAL, its affiliates nor any of their respective representatives, whether through any Certificate of Authenticity, or otherwise, provides any guarantee, representation, warranty or other undertaking, whether express, implied or otherwise (and all such representations and warranties are hereby expressly excluded and disclaimed), that the Workj, or title, or any other item of information set forth in this Certificate of Authenticity is authentic, is what it purports to be, is owned by, or in the possession of the named Platform registered title holder, that the provenance is correct or complete, or that the Certificate of Authenticity is otherwise complete, accurate, true or correct, or that the Work is any particular condition or valued in any particular amount.



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