Neither the Fine Art Ledger nor any of its affiliates nor their respective personnel or representatives provides any guarantee, representation, warranty or other undertaking, whether express or implied or otherwise, that the work of art, or title, or any other item of information set forth in this certificate of authenticity is authentic, owned by, or in the possession of the named Fine Art Ledger registered title holder or is otherwise accurate, true or correct.


The Fine Art Ledger is not an ‘art dealer’ or an ‘art merchant’, nor does it profess, or hold itself out as an expert in relation to the authenticity of or title in, or any other information relating to the art works submitted to its platform or represented in this Certificate of Authenticity.


As seller or buyer, or art dealer or other participant, or representative or professional, you hereby agree and undertake to The Fine Art Ledger that you release The Fine Art Ledger, its affiliates and their respective personnel, and representatives from all liability whatsoever relating to, or arising from the veracity, correctness or completeness or lack thereof or otherwise of, or relating to the information contained or referenced in this Certificate of Authenticity.

The Fine Art Ledger is currently in BETA, operating in a test environment on the NEM blockchain and is limiting Member admission. We will advise Members when The Fine Art Ledger moves to the live blockchain. Sign Up now to reserve your place.

Los Angeles, California

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