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Artists: Authenticate** Your Fine Art as Yours with a Mobile Phone Tap.

Any easy way to tag, catalog and authenticate** all your works as yours, and produce authenticated, real-time Certificates of Authenticity that you can transfer to your patrons when you sell your work.

Each FAL NFC Tag, backed by our proprietary technology, lets you easily register each work by tapping the artwork. 

Fix the FAL NFC Tag inside the artwork frame or inside the stretcher. You can even incorporate it into your artwork.

Once Registered, your works are neatly cataloged in your Fine Art Ledger Account:  just tap your mobile phone near the artwork to view the authenticated** Certificate of Authenticity directly on your phone. 

Set permissions in your Fine Art Ledger account to allow your patrons or studio visitors to view the authenticated** Certificate of Authenticity for the work and get the details behind the work simply with a tap of their mobile phones.

Even customize your patrons or visitors' Mobile Fine Art Experiences™ by including information on other works they may be interested in, your bio, video content, sign-up sheets, studio information, your upcoming exhibitions and shows, special offers on the works and even the option to buy the work directly online, all bringing you and your patrons  closer and helping you sell your works.

And when you sell a work, simply transfer the work to your patron's own Fine Art Ledger account with just her email address using The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary transfer feature. The FAL NFC Tag and authenticated** Certificate of Authenticity follow the purchase, giving your patron peace of mind that she owns the original artifact, and each time she taps the work, bringing her back in touch with you, allowing you to keep in touch with your patrons long after your works adorn your patron's living room walls.

Note: Currently our NFC Tags are in sticker form. NFC Tags generally do not work on metal surfaces.

Contact Us for a custom Mobile Fine Art Experience quote.

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We supply FAL NFC Tags in batches of five, fifteen or thirty. Contact us for custom fine art experiences for your patrons.
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