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Collectors: Keep All Your Fine Art Information with Your Fine Art.

The Fine Art Ledger (FAL) takes the hassle out of managing your fine art collection.

Instead of keeping paper Certificates of Authenticity for your works, go digital and, starting with just a tap of your mobile phone to a proprietary FAL NFC Tag, easily stamp the details of your fine art and your title in the work into The Fine Art Ledger**.

Once registered on The Fine Art Ledger, the work of fine art itself becomes your confidential vault of information for the work, easily accessible by tapping near the work with your mobile phone.

Each tap generates a real-time blockchain authenticated** Certificate of Authenticity, including the work's provenance, all delivered directly to your mobile phone. ​

In addition, each work of fine art is neatly listed in the 'My Works' page of your FAL account, giving you a confidential catalog of your collection.


Your catalog is visible and accessible only to you, but easily set permissions to make the Certificate of Authenticity visible to any person on mobile phone tap of the artwork.


The Fine Art Ledger does not guarantee or provide any warranties of authenticity or title* for the artwork. It is a blockchain-powered** platform that authenticates the record of the artwork as being entered at a particular time.


And although we rely on our users to submit information to our platform that is true and correct, unlike other art blockchain** platforms, we, in certain circumstances, take steps to check that the information provided to us is correct by engaging with our users.

So, an easy way to manage your fine art collections in a way which is directly tied to each work of fine art, and with the comfort of knowing that the information relating to the work is available simply with a mobile phone tap.

And when it comes to dealing with fine art insurers and wealth managers, all your art work and supporting information is neatly stored ,and available on tap.

FAL makes selling a work easier too. No more hunting for paper Certificates of Authenticity to present to your buyer, with an authenticated** record available on tap.


On sale, the record follows the artwork: using FAL's proprietary transfer feature, simply use your buyer's email address to transfer title in the work on The Fine Art Ledger to your buyer's own confidential FAL account, where your buyer can continue to enjoy the work safe in the knowledge that she has an authenticated** record of title and provenance in the artwork with an authenticated** Certificate of Authenticity available on tap.

FAL also lets fine art collectors transfer fractional ownership in their fine art, using non-fungible tokens (NFT's) called Art Title Tokens (ATT).™ Each artwork stamped onto the Fine Art Ledger has one hundred ATT relating specifically to that artwork, providing collectors with the tools to fractionally own their works or secure loans over the works.


By combining  blockchain** and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, The Fine Art Ledger has developed an easy-to-use, integrated fine art cataloging and management system that helps collectors keep their collections in check.

*Read our Disclaimer

Note: Currently our NFC Tags are in sticker form. NFC Tags generally do not work on metal surfaces.

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