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The Fine Art Ledger's Year-End Roundup: Art, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Wow--what a roller-coaster of a year 2020 has been, and the art markets have been no exception.

An industry that relies on personal interaction, destinations and venues, has seen an unprecedented move to the on-line and virtual to keep it on its tracks.

But no doubt, the industry, as fundamental and resilient as it is, will come out shining, and there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel now as we turn the corner into 2021.

2021 New year Celebration
The Spark of a New Beginning : 2021

And at The Fine Art Ledger (FAL), we see huge potential, both in the physical and on-line spaces where art Blockchain and FAL's products can play a large part to bring art to more people and to get them interested in art and to share its message and experience.

Most, if not all, I am sure, in the art industry, will tell you that art is not only its own reward.

It is a multi-faceted experience and a whole new world of its own, that brings joy, creativity, connectivity, enthusiasm, insight and involvement to its participants.

And the key to this world is knowledge.

A little, to start, starts the key and mind turning, and ignites the spark of interest, the 'I get it' moment, that forges that bond with art and takes a simple engagement into a journey that is filled with opportunity, excitement, knowledge and curiosity.

Having access to art knowledge and information is a gift which keeps on giving.

It is constantly a learning experience that lets us see the world through the eyes of others, giving us not only the perception and perspective to see glimpses of the world as others see it, through a moment caught in time and framed in a work of art, but also more tolerance and understanding of differences and a deep appreciation for the human experience. 

FAL's mission is to make it easier to provide that spark, turn that key and enter this world.

At FAL, we see ourselves as the bridge between the patron, the art curious or, even, the art 'coincidental'. We provide the tools to make access to art information easy, and engaging through the device we use the most: our mobile phones.

FAL's Mobile Fine Art Experiences™ allow artwork registered on our platform to be digitized, and through our ubiquitous mobile phones, allow our Members to attach a content-rich story* to the artwork to engage even the newly-art-introduced; to let them see and appreciate the nuance, the vision and the perspective in a work of art. 

And this is just one aspect of FAL's multi-faceted fine art platform which provides unique fine art authentication, title, management and promotion features for artists, collectors, galleries, art fairs and others.

At this season of giving, I want to give this gift to you.

Whether you are new to art, thinking about it, or just wanting to learn more, or if you are an artist, gallery, art fair, collector or even a hotel or restaurant that loves its art, technology can help you engage, bring more people to your art, learn, and tell the story behind the art.

It can help you draw, or be drawn into art, and to create that spark that turns into a flame.

If you haven't already, go ahead and register a work of art on our Platform. You can do that simply by signing up and following this link .

Registering your art is currently free*, and you may register as many works as you would like.

See how we use art Blockchain, Near Field Communication (NFC) and, coming very soon, image recognition, to help you authenticate your art, catalog, track, manage and own it, and, of course, digitize it so that it tells its own story in an experience brought directly to your or your patron's mobile phones. 

Improving access to fine art and fine art information, and better capturing, and keeping fine art interest is our primary mission. We want you to receive that gift and to give it to others. 

At FAL, we make this very easy, indeed.

In this inaugural newsletter, please find a few updates on FAL, and a few articles from our blog, the FAL Wire, that may be of interest to you! 

Wishing all our members, subscribers, team members, partners, contacts and friends happy holidays and a fantastic new, new year!


Sam Miller


The Fine Art Ledger

The Fine Art Ledger, LLC

***Requires FAL NFC or Image Recognition* package, available for purchase here.

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