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Physical Art NFTs Are Here With The Fine Art Ledger!

Minting NFTs has never been easier with FAL’s awesome new updates to its Fine Art Register.

Now , powered by Polygon, you can have FAL mint NFTs of your physical or digital art, with no gas fees, and no wallets needed.

To get started, simply start here by submitting the art you want to mint, and FAL will do the rest!

NFT Polygon Fine Art Physical NFT

Physical NFTs

FAL is a leader in minting, managing, cataloging and authenticating NFTs in physical, real world, works of art.

That’s right. Physical, real-world art. FAL is not just about digital art™.

Our concept of NFTs is different and we work with the true potential for Non-Fungible Tokens. We let NFTs live their best lives: the tokenization of real world assets, and not just digital images or clips.

For us, NFTs bring the true power of blockchain authentication to real world assets as they are used to authenticate, manage, inventory and store information about the asset, its owner and its provenance.

Changing Perceptions

By making NFTs more than just about digital art™, FAL is changing the language of NFTs and breaking through perceptions.

We are all used to digital art NFTs. But NFTs can offer so much more.

Digital NFTs are only the beginning for NFTs, and ownership of physical assets through digital tokens, or what we call ‘Physical NFTs’, is set to change the way we own, buy and sell, manage and leverage physical assets.

Minting- How it Works

Simply head to the ‘Submit Works’ page in your FAL Member’s Account. If not signed in you’ll be asked to sign in or sign up. Signing up literally takes a minute.

Once in, fill out the Submit Works form for your artwork.

It can be a physical or digital artwork. If digital, just check the ‘Digital Edition’ box.

Complete the form.

When you get down to the field “Choose a Tag or Tap a Physical Tag”, select a FAL NFC Tag from the drop down menu.

'NFC' stands for 'Near Field Communication'. Its like the technology that drives Apple Pay. You know, when you tap your mobile phone to pay at the market.

NFC technology is a core part of FAL Art Recognition™, our proprietary combination of Artificial Intelligence and other technology that enables us to connect both physical and digital art to NFTs.

In short, NFC technology helps us create a bridge between the digital blockchain record, or NFT, and the underlying artwork, whether physical art or digital art.

This 'bridge' enables you to interact with the art with your mobile phone, so you can use your phone to inventory, verify, and tell or learn the story of the art on an experience which we call our Mobile Fine Art Experiences™.

If you don’t have Tags in your FAL Account, you can buy them here in packs of 5, 15, or 30.

Or you can mint without a Tag. This is called ‘lazy minting’, as the NFT for the artwork is only actually minted on the blockchain when a FAL NFC Tag is attached to the artwork.

Each work has a single Tag, and it is a once-off payment for each art work tagged. Our current pricing works out to be about US$5 a Tag.

An Awesome deal, particularly when you consider that you pay no gas fees to Mint on the FAL Register!

No Gas Fees or Wallets

Yes, that’s right.

How do we do it? Well, FAL picks up the Gas Fees for each work that you mint, or transfer on the FAL Register.

The FAL Register is powered by Polygon, which is a side chain of Ethereum. One major advantage of Polygon is that it is a ‘Proof of Stake’ blockchain that does not require the level of energy expenditure that other, ‘Proof of Work’ blockchains do.

Polygon The Fine Art Ledger NFTs Physical NFTs

This makes the FAL Register minting process much more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and more cost efficient.

And no Wallets.

The FAL Register has been designed specifically for easy artwork minting and access for all.

We are a Fine Art platform to begin with, and minting your art on the FAL Register should be a simple process that anyone can access and enjoy.

FAL: A Two Tier System

Since we are a unique NFT platform in that we work to enable physical NFTs, the Fine Art Ledger Register is one-tier of the two-tier FAL system.

The Register is the hub of the connectivity between the blockchain record, or NFT, and the underlying physical art or digital art. It is here, in the FAL Register that the technology is housed to inventory, manage, authenticate and verify the art and NFTs and where the bridge between the digital and the real-world art assets is maintained.

Think of the FAL Register as the decoder that sits over the blockchain and translates the blockchain information into real world, identifiable art information, like who owns the art and the provenance in the art and which provides the connection between the digital and the real-world, all controlled and accessible on your mobile phone.

In order to be the fine art register, the FAL Register needs to be somewhat centralized. This is necessary to help ensure that the register remains current and correct and underlying physical art assets connected to the digital, blockchain record, or NFT for that work.

So each NFT minted on the FAL Register is held by FAL as 'registered owner' of the NFT, with beneficial ownership held by the owner of the physical or digital artwork connected to the NFT.

So, in essence, FAL holds each NFT for each art owner on the Register.

Each such ownership is digitally mapped to the NFT, the artwork and that FAL user and authenticated on the blockchain. So, when using our transfer feature to transfer the NFT, there is a unique blockchain transaction for each transfer, with FAL, again, picking up the gas fee.

This structure makes the FAL Register very easy to use, as no wallets are needed, and, on the surface it looks and feels like a web2 art website, but has all the power of web3 blockchain under the hood.

FAL Approval

Once you have completed the ‘Submit Work’ form, the artwork, physical or digital, is reviewed by FAL on the FAL Register for any superficial discrepancies and once approved the work is minted on Polygon.

You’ll receive an email from FAL notifying you of the approval. Your work will be catalogued in your FAL ‘My Works’ catalog.

FAL 'My Works' Catalog

Think of your 'My Works' page as the digital catalog or 'wallet' in which all your FAL physical or digital NFTs are housed. Your FAL account, including your 'My Works' catalog is available to you in desk top and mobile versions.

Click on an artwork in your ‘My Works’ catalog and you will be taken to the ‘My Works’ detail page for the artwork. Since the artwork’s information is being pulled from the blockchain, it may take a good few seconds to load.

In the detail page, you will find a QR Code for the artwork and the NFT and NFC details for the artwork. You'll see that FAL uses an ERC 1155 smartcontract for your works on the Register, and you will be able to see the contract address and the TokenID for each work as minted on Polygon.

Fine Art NFT Mobile Phone Verification
FAL Mobile Fine Art Experiences

FAL Mobile Fine Art Experiences™

Grab the QR Code with your Mobile Phone camera and you will be taken to FAL's Mobile Fine Art Experience™ for the artwork.

Feel free to download and save a copy of the QR Code to display next to the artwork if you are promoting your artwork so people at your art exhibition or your studio can access the Experience with their mobile phones.

Each NFC tag can also be used for this purpose, but the range to interact with the QR Code is better (and most people are more familiar with QR Codes than NFC Tags.

In any event the NFC Tags are there as a means of authenticating the work, and these can be placed on the back of the artwork, or inside or outside the art frame.

Loading Content to the Experience

Feel free to design your own Experience by adding videos, images, buy-now buttons, links, documents, audio clips and other rich content to your Mobile Fine Art Experience for each artwork.

You can do this directly in your your 'My Works' detail page for each work. Simply scroll down to find the category of content you wish to upload and upload it.

FAL approves each item of content, so it wont appear in your mobile experience straight away.

Once approved you will see it all displayed with a scan of the QR Code or a tap of the NFC Tag!

Transferring your Artworks

When you sell your art, transferring your NFT of your art is easy.

Simply go to FAL's Transfer Feature , select the work, enter the name, email address and city, state and country of the transferee and click 'submit'.

FAL reviews the transfer request for any apparent errors, and once approved, FAL pays the gas fees to update the blockchain mapping of the NFT so that it moves into your art buyer's account on FAL as the new owner of the art and the NFT.

Its that simple.

FAL uses NFTs to create, and provide a universal, immutable, and transferrable art inventory for your art. When you sell your art, you transfer your art and its digital catalog entry to your buyer. How cool is that!

FAL Marketplace

FAL is launching its own NFT marketplace soon.

This will give you the ability to buy and sell your physical or digital art NFTs that are minted on the FAL Register.

Initially, you will have the choice to mint your Marketplace NFTs on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains.

Each NFT minted in the Marketplace is tied to your NFTs for that artwork on the FAL Register.

So a sale of your marketplace NFTs will result in a transfer of your FAL Register NFT mapping for that artwork.

The FAL Marketplace will require a wallet to access, and will charge gas fees.

Mint on the Register Today!

Take FAL for a spin and mint your NFTs right away on the FAL Register. Simply start here .

And be sure to sign up for our updates for news on FAL!! Subscribe on our home page footer.


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