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Tap, Tap, Tap: The Fine Art Ledger Brings Fine Art Interactivity to a Framer, Gallery, Show Near You

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The Fine Art Ledger is very excited to pilot its ground-breaking fine art tap-and-tag products with Venice based Universal Art Gallery, one of Los Angeles’ leading fine art framers.

Just like Apple Pay, The Fine Art Ledger’s proprietary contactless tap product brings a whole new fine art experience to your mobile phone.

Simply tap your fine art with your phone and get all the art’s details real-time, and #blockchain authenticated on your phone. Like #shazam for #fineart, a simple tap will confirm the art work’s details and its registered title holder, and put a whole new world of fine art information and opportunities at your fingertips.

And don‘t worry, your fine art information is secure and private: you will have the option to decide who can see the information. So, if you are a collector, you can keep your info private, or if a gallery, you may open the works to your visitors, all simply by choosing the required permissions.

Connecting your fine art with your phone is easy. All it takes is a simple tap of The Fine Art Ledger’s proprietary near field communication (NFC) rolling authentication tags, submitting your fine art‘s details through your Fine Art Ledger’s member account, and once we approve, a simple tap near the fine art frame takes you to the fine art experience for that work.

Fine Art framers, galleries and shows can interactively connect with their customers and visitors direct to their mobile phones, even long after a visit or purchase, with news, updates, and special offers. In fact any thing really to help keep your customer relationships strong and encourage repeat business: we can keep the information dynamic and up to date long after the sale or visit. All your Customer needs to do is tap her art or NFC enabled brochure or card.

Read more on our site how our NFC tap-and-tag can drive your fine art business, whether you are a framer, gallery or fine art fair, and how we can help you offer this as an add on service to your clients, customers and visitors, and help you and them keep their fine art organized, secure and on tap. Literally.

Only use genuine Fine Art Ledger product. Ask your fine art framer, gallery or exhibition for The Fine Art Ledger’s contactless mobile phone fine art experiences.

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Art god
Art god
07 de dez. de 2021

What is nfc art

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