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Bringing Interactive Fine Art Experiences to Collectors, Galleries, Framers and Fine Art Fairs

The Fine Art Ledger, the blockchain powered fine art title and authentication platform, is set to power up interactive fine art experiences for fine art owners, galleries, framers, fine art fairs and exhibitions.

StockImage Mobile Phone Fine Art
Phones Out! Interactive Mobile-Served Fine Art Experiences

Using our proprietary, integrated system, we are piloting use of Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow our platform users to pull real time blockchain authenticated certificates of authenticity and title to their mobile phones on simple click-and-scan of works of fine art.

Users can already easily submit works of fine art to The Fine Art Ledger's platform, and receive real-time certificates of authenticity. Galleries and dealers who work with us can use our platform to provide their clients with customzied blockchain-stamped certificates of authenticity.

But now we are tying the physical works of fine art to the platform using NFC technology. Not only will this allow real-time view of certificates for the art work, but will immerse users in information, video and other interactive experiences around the work of fine art, all delivered instantly to their mobile phones.

And the immersed fine art experience doesn't end in the gallery or fine art fair, but also allows collectors to take the experience home with them with their works.

Our permission-based point-and-scan proprietary system pulls the blockchain-stamped certificate of authenticity and title for each work of fine art, tying the work to the certificate and providing enhanced security, tracking and assurance in fine art ownership and secondary-market sales.

Through our platform and using NFC, we empower galleries, framers, fine art fairs and other fine art market players to contniue to be in touch with fine art collectors long after a fair or sale, all real-time, through mobile-based experiences.

If you are a gallery, dealer, fine art framer or fine art fair, or anyone looking to keep in touch with, or provide content or materials to fine art collectors, get in touch with us today to demo The Fine Art Ledger experience.


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