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Sneak Peek: How We're Stamping Fine Art into the Blockchain

We're moving forward great guns, and are extremely excited to sneak peek our platform before we move to Beta.

When we do, you'll be able to sign up, and upload works for submission to The Fine Art Ledger, The distributed ledger for fine art.

So you're asking what's the big deal? Well it is a BIG Deal indeed.

Unlike other blockchain platforms, we are specifically geared to collectors and art market professionals, galleries, dealers and consultants alike, allowing easy and seamless stamping of works into the blockchain.

Now you will easily be able to immutably register your works or inventory of works, auto-generate Letters of Authenticity and, when you need to transfer your works, you can easily do so on the touch of a button.

Our Letters of Authenticity specifically include a record of title and provenance, tying the work to your or your client's ownership.

So, as a collector, seller or buyer, you will have an easily accessible record of your seller's title on The Fine Art Ledger, securely and authentically held in a distributed, decentralized ledger. Having title encrypted on a decentralized ledger, which what the blockchain is, means that once entered, no-one but you can change your record of title.

As a gallery or dealer, you can now go beyond you own in-house inventory and buyer ledgers, and let your artists and buyers know that your inventory is unique, that there is no possibility of manipulation or duplication in the editions you sell or introduce your clients to and have independent confirmation of works sold.

So here is a quick glimpse of our Letter of Authenticity. A few key things to note:

-- We only work with Fine Art that is, or has the potential for sale in secondary markets;

--Our Letters not only provide details of the Works, but also cryptographically tie ownership to the work in the blockchain;

--The Letters and owner details are confidential to our user who submits the work to the blockchain, but who can share details if she chooses;

--The 'Cryptogpraphic Stamp' is the electronic signature confirming that the Work has been stamped into the blockchain. On The Fine Art Ledger, subject to permissions, you will be able to verify title on The Fine Art Ledger of works using this discrete signature;

--Transferring works from one person to another is easy. Simply follow the link on your Letter and sign in to your account on The Fine Art Ledger. Once verified, you may transfer your work. But be careful: messages sent to the Blockchain are final. That's why we say the blockchain is immutable. Its what makes it extremely trustworthy!

--We follow fine art professional standards and information protocols in our Letters. Galleries and dealers will have the option to issue Letters in their own names, while still having their works cryptographically stamped into the Ledger.

The Fine Art Ledger is unique in its Fine Art focus. We are specifically geared to collectors, and art market professionals, and will be the blockchain hub for fine art buyers and sellers, improving transparency and access to fine art. We are THE distributed ledger for fine art. Watch this space as we power forward!

The Fine Art Ledger Team

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