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Welcome to the Fine Art Ledger!

Welcome, indeed to The Fine Art Ledger, The blockchain powered ledger for Fine Art.

We are building The distributed ledger for Fine Art, giving you the ability to track title and provenance of you Fine Art collection, and so much more.

Blockchain technology is truly a game changer for the Fine Art Markets. It opens the door to a range of possibilities.

Think of a universally verifiable record of who owns and who has owned a piece of Fine Art. No more authenticity or title concerns. We take a work of Fine Art and cryptographically fingerprint to our selected blockhain platform. Once entered, it immutably ties your ownership to that piece of Fine Art. An electronic record of provenance that can be absolutely relied upon by you, buyers and Fine Art lenders.

The entry to this verified ledger, or, as we call it, blockchain, is unchangeable. Now, just a a piece of real estate is registered in the county recorder or other deed registrar's land register, so too is your work of Fine Art registered. Unchangeable, of course, until you decide to sell the piece. And just like a piece of real estate, when you decide to sell, your Fine Art Buyer will have the comfort of knowing that your title to the work is true and authenticated. Once your buyer takes title through our super easy title transfer application, she receives a fresh certificate of authenticity, now clearly showing your historical title in the work. Provenance is that easy.

And we mean all works of Fine Art. The Fine Art Ledger will be The distributed ledger for Fine Art, whether multiples, originals, photography, print, film. You name it. And we are experimenting with a new format: limited edition digital prints. But more about that later...

As we roll out The Fine Art Ledger, you will see how Fine Art buying, selling and and authentication has forever changed. Check back here or sign up to our email lists or catch us on Facebook or Instagram for updates, developments and featured art work.


Sam Miller, CEO

Venice, California

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