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Christies' Art+Tech Summit: Exploring Blockchain — Is the Art World Ready For Consensus?

Fine Art Blockchain

The Fine Art Ledger is proud to be a part of Auction House Christie's upcoming inaugural Art+Tech Summit taking place at Christies' St. James's headquarters in London on July 17, 2018.

The summit, titled 'Exploring Blockchain — Is the Art World Ready For Consensus?' delves into the relationship between blockchain and fine art drawing on Christies' role as foundational fine art auction house and its relationship with key players in the emerging blockchain, distributed ledger space.

Of the summit, Christies says,

"...This annual one-day conference aims to spark innovation and collaboration across the industry, pinpointing a key technology trend each year to explore through inspiring talks, panel discussions and debates. Gathering together top thought leaders, innovators, companies and academics, each summit will offer a comprehensive vision of the impact of a new technology on the art world of today and beyond.

Our 2018 inaugural summit, co-curated with Christie’s Education and Vastari, will explore the potential applications of blockchain within the art market while giving an overarching view of its successes (and failures) in wider industries. With expert speakers from ConsenSys, Deloitte, Clifford Chance, Artsy, The Serpentine Galleries, The Financial Times, and many more, this year’s summit is an unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation in the art world."

While giving broad insight to blockchain, and its potential uses and applications, the summit promises to delve further into the benefits it promises for the fine art space. Topics are to include "The Blockchain Landscape in the Art World", "Blockchain in the Art World – Tokenisation and Securitisation" and an exploration of fractional ownership in works of fine art.

The summit will include leading pioneers in the fine art/ blockchain markets, and under Christies' auspices promises to be a foundational summit cementing the recognition of blockchain and the essential role it will play in the fine art markets in years to come.

As a pioneer in this space, The Fine Art Ledger very much recognizes the summits' importance, not only in providing a forum within an established auction house for blockchain conversation, but also as an opportunity for traditional art market protagonists to see the incredible opportunities for fine art that blockchain brings.

The Fine Art Ledger is proud to be a sponsor of the summit. Tickets are available here, and whether you are an established, or young collector, or if you simply have an interest in blockchain or fine art, we encourage you to attend.


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