The Distributed Ledger for Fine Art.

Fine Art title and authentication secured in the blockchain*


The Fine Art Ledger makes it easy to stamp your works of Fine Art into the blockchain*


Create trust and certainty in Fine Art title for your buyers, clients and lenders with authenticated title records


Whether you are a collector, gallery or dealer, effortlessly produce blockchain authenticated Certificates of Authenticity for your or your clients' Fine Art



Participate in a whole new world of Fine Art collaboration, access and ownership geared to Fine Art buyers and collectors



How It Works

Click the 'Sign Up' button below, or tap a Fine Art Ledger NFC TAG.

Getting a Fine Art Ledger Account is Free & Easy!

In your Account, select the 'Submit Work' page. Tapping a Fine Art Ledger NFC TAG will take you directly there on your mobile phone.

Fill in the Work and title details, upload a thumbnail image for your Work, and Submit the form

We review the Work and title details, and may be in touch with you if we need further info. If approved your Work will be stamped into The Fine Art Ledger, and appear in the 'My Works' page of your Fine Art Ledger Account.

If you tapped a Fine Art Ledger NFC Tag, simply tap the work to view your Certificate of Authenticity

Sign Up*

Verify & Transfer

We Review


Click the 'Sign In' button below or the Account icon above and select 'My Works' in your Account   to see your catalogue of Works, and, when the time comes, easily transfer your Works , either in whole or in part, using your Art Title Tokens (ATT)™  allowing you to jointly hold title in your Work with others

*Sign up and we will let you know when your Account is available. Meanwhile, subscribe to our updates and follow our Market and Art Wire

The Fine Art Ledger Fine Art Blockchain


Let Your Art Speak for Itself

See how easy it is to organize, secure, publish and track your Fine Art with The Fine Art Ledger Blockchain Powered* Fine Art Experiences.™ Whether you are a collector, gallery, dealer, art fair or Fine Art framer, having all your Fine Art Information available on mobile phone tap opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Fine Art sales, access, management, information and security. Buy FAL™ rolling authentication Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags directly online here or get them at participating fine Fine Art Stores and see what our Mobile Fine Art Experiences can do for you

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The Fine Art Ledger is currently in BETA, operating in a test environment on the NEM blockchain and is limiting Member admission. We will advise Members when The Fine Art Ledger moves to the live blockchain. Sign Up now to reserve your place.

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