How It Works

Start with a simple mobile phone Tap of your FAL NFC Tag to register your fine art. When registered, your work is auto-cataloged in your confidential FAL account. Tap the Tag to view your fine art info, including your real-time blockchain authenticated certificate of authenticity. Set permissions to decide who can view your art info on tap.


It All Starts with the Tags.

We supply the NFC tags, all backed up with The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary technology. Buy them online in batches of five, fifteen or thirty.
The Fine Art Ledger is object-oriented: meaning we focus on the Art, and use the Art itself as the vault of information. We do this by integrating Blockchain and NFC technology to cryptographically store and tie the art info to the physical artwork itself. Once tagged, the Art info stays with the Art, available on the tap of a mobile phone, and, with The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary transfer functionality, even after the Art changes hands.
The Ultimate Solution in Fine Art Management and Access: 
Blockchain, NFC and The Fine Art Ledger
Turn Your Gallery or Studio into a Digital Space with Mobile Fine Art Experiences™



We create custom Mobile Fine Art Experiences for your Gallery, Studio, Art Fair: in fact any space that showcases Art.


A simple tap brings the story behind the Art, the Artist, gallery info, special offers, video, social media posts, and even buy online directly to patrons' mobile phones. Since we remotely control the Experience, we can update it as you like, all without ever having to write the tag itself. 


Each tap delivers data about your patrons' preferences and creates opportunities to re-engage with them long after they leave.


With FAL you can capture Fine Art interest and get to know prospective customers like never before.

Your FAL account is your private gateway to the Ledger. Here FAL confidentially catalogs your works, complete with real-time Blockchain-authenticated certificates of authenticity, and where you can effortlessly transfer the work, or a share in it, to your buyer's FAL account simply using his email address, with each work having its unique cryptographic stamp following the physical artwork and preserving an authenticated record of provenance.
In the hands of your buyer, the Artwork continues to be a gateway to your gallery or studio, with your buyer being served custom Mobile Fine Art Experiences directly to his living room with each tap of their mobile phone.
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The Fine Art Ledger is currently in BETA, operating in a test environment on the NEM blockchain and is limiting Member admission. We will advise Members when The Fine Art Ledger moves to the live blockchain. Sign Up now to reserve your place.

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