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An On-Tap Fine Art World Beyond the Frame: Art Spaces   

Fine Art captures imaginations. A moment in time frozen through the curated lens of the artist and the curators who surround her. It inspires and cultivates thought, brings perspective and asks questions.  

Visitors to your gallery or exhibition want more. They want to know the artist, the reasons, the people, the history. They want the story behind the canvas. To be in the story, if only as the observer. 

Fine Art spaces can be intimidating. Galleries austere, fine art fairs overwhelming, and asking questions intimidating. For galleries, bridging this space is not easy. Conveying the essence of the works in a few minutes, a skill. Visitors move in and out. Guestbooks and sign-in sheets left untouched. 

This changes when visitors are allowed to interact with the work. 

The Fine Art Ledger delivers interactivity, serving custom Fine Art Experiences to your visitor's mobile phone. A simple tap immerses into the world behind the frame. The artist, the story behind the work, similar or suggested works and other artists, events, invitations, pricing, special offers, reviews, sign-ups, newsletters and gallery and show information are only a few of the possibilities to envelop your clients and  visitors in the art.  

We go beyond a simple tap. In essence, the Fine Art Ledger brings the work alive. We keep the experience in the frame that doesn't end when your visitor or client leaves your gallery or show.  

Go on to give your clients and visitors Fine Art Ledger accounts to organize and secure their collections, storing all their information about the work, in the work. With the Fine Art Ledger's Fine Art blockchain platform, we go one step further and integrate authenticated Certificates of Authenticity into the Experience, transferable on sale, which your clients can take home with them, providing added comfort for your visitors and clients on the work's authenticity and title.  

And with our Fine Art Ledger proprietary Rolling Authentication NFC tags, a work purchased means continued client engagement, after-sale care and repeat business  every time your client mobile phone taps her art work in the comfort of her home. 

How it Works :

  • We Supply The Fine Art Ledger NFC Tags Free Of Charge

  • In Discussion With You, We Customize And Guide You through The Fine Art Experiences You Want For Each Of The Works You Want Tagged

  • We Also Take You Through The Registration Of Your Works On The Fine Art Ledger

  • Experiences Include The Work's Certificate Of Authenticity. We Can Customize With The Information You Require. 

  • We Can Tag Labels, Info Sheets, Or The Work Itself 

  • Your Gallery Or Show Visitor Mobile Phone Taps To Reveal The Experience

  • For Sales, You Can Easily Transfer The Work To Your Client Using The Fine Art Ledger's Proprietary Transfer Feature

  • We Help You Register Fine Art Ledger Accounts For Your Clients. Even Issue Certificates Of Authenticity For The Works In Your Gallery's Name

  • We Help You Keep In Touch With Clients And Visitors After The Show With Updated Custom Fine Art Experiences

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Plans and Pricing

We Supply You With NFC Tags Free of Charge. Contact Us for Our Plans and Pricing  for Custom Fine Art Experiences for Your Gallery, Exhibition, Show or Fair

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