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Enhance Your Customers' Art Experience  

Relationships with framing customers are built over time. Your expert advice is a key ingredient to preserving and presenting your customers' Fine Art. From selecting the correct frame size, quality and color to the right glazing is essential in this process. Whether your customers are artists, collectors, galleries or exhibitors, when it comes to protecting, preserving and presenting valuable pieces,  competent framing advice is essential. 

Placing Fine Art in your trust and care is, at least, initially a leap of faith for your customers. They want to know that you will do your best not only with the aesthetic, but also that you will be proactive in preserving their Fine Art. 

Now you can easily offer your customers a further layer of protection with The Fine Art Ledger's blockchain-based Rolling Authentication NFC Tags. Inserted at the time of framing, these tags tie the physical work of art to your customers' blockchain authenticated record of ownership. Real-time details of the work, artist, registered title, provenance and other information can be pulled by simple tap to the frame of your customers' mobile phone, all securely protected behind your customer's Fine Art Ledger log-in credentials. If lost, stolen or disputed, a simple tap with your customer's mobile phone will reveal your customer's interest in the work and its recorded provenance, helping to secure the integrity of your customer's collections

And each tap is by no means limited to this information. Each tap envelopes your customer in an online experience which can include details of your business, special offers, reviews and after-sale customer care, for example,frame-preservation tips. In short, each tap put the customer back in touch with you and can help to preserve  your relationship with your customer and encourage repeat sales. 

How it Works:

  • We Supply The Fine Art Ledger NFC Tags

  • In-store, Before You Frame, Your Customer Mobile Phone Taps The Tag, Signs Up To The Fine Art Ledger And Is Directed To Submit Details Of Her Fine Art In Her Account On The Fine Art Ledger

  • Your Client Fills In Details Of The Work And Its Ownership  Using Our Easy Online Form

  • Once The Work Is Approved, We Notify Your Customer

  • You Frame And Discretely Tag the Fine Art as We Explain in Our Easy to Follow Instructions

  • When Framed, Your Customer Simply Mobile Phone Taps The Frame, And Her Work's Fine Art Experience, Including the Certificate of Authenticity For The Work is Served Directly To Your Customer's Mobile Phone

  • We Design Custom Fine Art Experiences For Your Customers, Which Can Include Information About Your Business and Services, So That You Always Stay One Tap Away From Your Customer. Contact Us for Plans and Pricing

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Plans and Pricing

We Supply You With NFC Tags Free of Charge. Contact Us for Our Plans and Pricing  for Custom Fine Art Experiences for Your Customers

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