Secure your Fine Art by easily tagging it to the blockchain using The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary NFC* rolling authentication tag technology. Each work is discretely tagged to a unique identifier stamped into the Fine Art Ledger's blockchain platform. Simply use your mobile phone to scan the art work to pull the blockchain-stamped certificate of authenticity for the work. All Collectors' NFC tags are confidential: you need to be logged into your Fine Art Ledger Account to read the Tag. Enhanced security in verifying ownership, tracking lost or stolen works, possible insurance benefits, and title and authenticity comfort for potential purchasers of your works, are only a few of the benefits.  


    Fine art framing is a personal relationship cultivated over many years of trust and expert craftsmanship. Collectors and artists trust their framers implicitly to secure, preserve and optimally present their works. With the Fine Art Ledger's proprietary NFC* rolling authentication tags, offer your clients added security and protection in their works by discretely tying the framed work to blockchain authenticated certificates of title and authenticity verifying your clients' ownership in the work. With The Fine Art Ledger's Fine Art Experiences, deliver updated information, special offers and news, and  remain in contact with your customers each time they scan their works. 


    Offer interactive Fine Art Experiences™ for your clients and visitors with The Fine Art Ledger's proprietary NFC* rolling authentication tag technology. Instead of information sheets and vinyl labels, let your gallery visitors use their mobile phones to simply scan and experience the work and an interactive world behind the work. Artist  backgrounds,  info on the work, provenance and even title information can be pushed to a visitor's mobile experience. Supported by the Fine Art Ledger's platform, the experience can even include the work's real time blockchain-authenticated real time certificate of authenticity. In fact there is no limit to the experience: gallery and exhibition  information,  special offers and continuing interactivity long after the visitor leaves your floor, are all features on offer. 


    Bring interactivity to Fine Art fairs and exhibitions. Let your visitors dive into real-time Fine Art experiences, learning more about the work, the artist, the gallery, related works, with custom-curated video, links and information. Allow your Visitors to participate with comments and directly served visitor sign-in sheets, and follow up with further information, events, news and special offers. Even interact after the show and follow up on sales leads or after-sale customer care. The possibilities are endless, and all delivered by mobile phone tap. No more information sheets and vinyl labels. All is done effortlessly through The Fine Art Ledger's Fine Art Experiences.™  

The Fine Art Ledger is currently in BETA, operating in a test environment on the NEM blockchain and is limiting Member admission. We will advise Members when The Fine Art Ledger moves to the live blockchain. Sign Up now to reserve your place.

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